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Pocket power Portable Inverter 'Little Blue 4 strand ' for 4-6m 12V input 4 ports Single battery inverter for EL wire
Pocket power Portable
Our Price: $9.95
Excellent inverter for up to 5m 'Ultrabright' or 3m 'Ultrabright Plus' EL (at optimum brightness)

Flash only,

12v input
for 4-6m Ultrabright EL wire
or 2-4m Ultrabright plus EL

Compact little inverter for up to 1.5m 'Ultrabright' or 0.7m 'Ultrabright Plus' EL (at optimum brightness)
12V for 15-20m Ultrabright or 7-10m Ultrabright plus EL wire Bike EL wire Inverter Inverter 12V for 4-6m Ultrabright or 2-3m Ultrabright plus EL wire
Bike EL wire Inverter
Our Price: $15.00

12V input Inverter.

Can be modified to access household power with the purchase of an ac/dc adaptor.

Inverter for EL wire kit for your bike

12V input Inverter to power 4-6m (3.2mmD) or 2-3m (2.6mmD) EL. Modify for household power with ac/dc adaptor (purchase separately).

Household Power adaptors 12V Splashproof inverter 4 port portable Inverter for 6-8m Ultrabright or 3-4m Ultrabright Plus
Splashproof inverter
Our Price: $20.00
AC/DC adaptor to convert your 12v inverter into one you can plug into Australian mains power socket Slim inverter with a round barrell shape and tight seals to battery casing and lead wire.
Small loop at the base allows for a necklace string or leather to be threaded through, turning it into a pendant.
Will power up to 2m Ultrabright EL 3.2mm or 1m Ultrabright Plus EL 2.6mm
A great inverter for a rave or party where there is likely to be sweaty palms and spilt drinks.
For 6-8m 'Ultrabright' (3.2mm) or 3-6m 'Ultrabright Plus' (2.6mm)
30m inverter Inverter 12v input for electroluminescence 20-60m inverter
30m inverter
Our Price: $30.00

Inverter - double strand.
Our Price: $60.00
20-60m inverter
Our Price: $60.00
12v inverter for 5-30m EL wire (3.2mmD)
or 50-650cm2 Flat Light
Please read detailed description.

Korean made EL inverter for around 60m EL wire or 700cm2 EL panel.

Adjustable flash speed. Flash alternates left/right

Inverter for 20-60m EL wire of our 3.2mm type or 30m of our 2.6mm type. Also suitable for up to 1300cm EL panel depending on required brightness - optimum panel brightness at around 600cm2
12v input. Requires ac/dc adaptor (not supplied) to power from household power.
Settings off/on still/flash. Flash speed can be adjusted.
Korean made - quality product
Outdoor, photo sensor EL wire inverter

· Outdoor rated

· Photo sensor

· Mains powered

· Multiple flash settings

· 3 points to plug in EL