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Essential to power your EL wire or panel.

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Pocket power Portable Inverter 'Little Blue 4 strand ' for 4-6m 12V input 4 ports Inverter 'Little Blue' for 4-6m, 12V input 2 ports
Pocket power Portable
Our Price: $9.95
Excellent inverter for up to 5m 'Ultrabright' or 3m 'Ultrabright Plus' EL (at optimum brightness)

Flash only,

12v input
for 4-6m Ultrabright EL wire
or 2-4m Ultrabright plus EL

Flash only inverter
Inverter 9V for 0-5m Ultrabright or 0-3m Ultrabright plus EL wire Single battery inverter for EL wire 12V for 15-20m Ultrabright or 7-10m Ultrabright plus EL wire
  • Inverter for 0-5m Ultrabright EL or 0-3m Ultrabright plus EL. Powering longer lengths is possible but brightness will be low.
  • Standard 9V battery required.
  • Steady light
Compact little inverter for up to 1.5m 'Ultrabright' or 0.7m 'Ultrabright Plus' EL (at optimum brightness)

12V input Inverter.

Can be modified to access household power with the purchase of an ac/dc adaptor.

Bike EL wire Inverter Inverter 12V for 4-6m Ultrabright or 2-3m Ultrabright plus EL wire Household Power adaptors 12V
Bike EL wire Inverter
Our Price: $15.00
Inverter for EL wire kit for your bike

12V input Inverter to power 4-6m (3.2mmD) or 2-3m (2.6mmD) EL. Modify for household power with ac/dc adaptor (purchase separately).

AC/DC adaptor to convert your 12v inverter into one you can plug into Australian mains power socket
Inverter Sound Activated for 8-10m EL (12V) Splashproof inverter 6-10m 9V DC or Battery with Adjustable dimmer and flash speed
Splashproof inverter
Our Price: $20.00
Sound Activated for 8-10m Ultrabright EL or 4-5m Ultrabright Plus EL. Slim inverter with a round barrell shape and tight seals to battery casing and lead wire.
Small loop at the base allows for a necklace string or leather to be threaded through, turning it into a pendant.
Will power up to 2m Ultrabright EL 3.2mm or 1m Ultrabright Plus EL 2.6mm
A great inverter for a rave or party where there is likely to be sweaty palms and spilt drinks.
EL wire inverter with dimmer and adjustable flash speed.
For 6-10m 'Ultrabright' or 3-6m 'Ultrabright Plus' EL
4 port portable Inverter for 6-8m Ultrabright or 3-4m Ultrabright Plus Inverter for 6-8M with Sequencer (12V) 30m inverter
30m inverter
Our Price: $30.00

For 6-8m 'Ultrabright' (3.2mm) or 3-6m 'Ultrabright Plus' (2.6mm) 12v inverter for 5-30m EL wire (3.2mmD)
or 50-650cm2 Flat Light
Please read detailed description.
Inverter for 12-15m with sequencer (12v) Inverter 12v input for electroluminescence 20-60m inverter
Inverter - double strand.
Our Price: $60.00
20-60m inverter
Our Price: $60.00
short description, tells what is is for.  click photo for miore information

Korean made EL inverter for around 60m EL wire or 700cm2 EL panel.

Adjustable flash speed. Flash alternates left/right

Inverter for 20-60m EL wire of our 3.2mm type or 30m of our 2.6mm type. Also suitable for up to 1300cm EL panel depending on required brightness - optimum panel brightness at around 600cm2
12v input. Requires ac/dc adaptor (not supplied) to power from household power.
Settings off/on still/flash. Flash speed can be adjusted.
Korean made - quality product
Outdoor, photo sensor EL wire inverter

· Outdoor rated

· Photo sensor

· Mains powered

· Multiple flash settings

· 3 points to plug in EL