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Inverter - double strand.
Inverter 12v input for electroluminescence

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  • Korean made
  • Dimensions 65x100x50(WxLxH)
  • Input 12V DC Output 100-120V AC
  • Switch: On/Off/Flash
  • Alternates output from left to right
  • Dial: adjustable flash speed
  • Minimum load 20m EL or 200cm2 flat EL.
  • Maximum load depends on required light out-put. Generally the best brightness is achieved at around 60m of our 3.2mm EL wire or 30m of our 2.6mm EL wire or 600cm2 of flat EL panel. This refers to the total load which can be divided in half with half load applied on each connection.
  • Frequency affects colour and brightness slightly and can be adjusted from inside the unit with the turn of a screwdriver (only by qualified technician)
  • EL strand lengths should be no more than 25m each, multiple strands can be powered from the same unit with add on components 'splitters'
  • CAUTION: Persons with electronic medical devices avoid handling.
  • This inverter will self-adjust if the EL load is

  • insufficient. For example, if you have
  • purchased EL wire with poor encapsulation, low grade phosphor, damaged radial
  • wires or poor soldering (not the case with our EL), there can be a disruption
  • in the flow of the electrical current.
  • This disruption in flow can cause the current to bank up at the
  • inverter. Most inverters will fail
  • irreparably under these conditions but this one is likely to just switch itself
  • off until you have fixed the problem.

    Whilst we would prefer you purchased EL wire from us, if

  • you already have your EL, this inverter is a good option.

  • Please note that you will need a 12v power source or you

  • can purchase ac/dc adaptors from us so that you can plug into the mains.