Australian supplier in NSW:  EL wires, electroluminescent, neon wire, EL products, EL lighting, backlighting, back-lit panels, EL wire, EL badges, soft neon wire, flashing badges, custom logos, El Drivers.

EL Wires

EL wire Panel

 from $5.00 p/m

Limited time only

12V animated from $29.95


Sound Activated EL Tshirt panel MUSIC HEAD BLUE

 Animated  Panels

EL wire shirt

 From $14.95


From $49..95


El wire Inverters

EL Panels

   From  $9.95

Backlight kit

From $34.95


Why not let Elec2go custom make your order. 

Choose your colour and power options and we will create a ready to use kit.

  EL wires are great for decorating boats, cars, bikes, homes, signs, pictures, clothing, your body  the possibilities are endless!


Send us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and supply a quote.



  New product - Tron EL kits - easy to assemble Webutation

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