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Battery case for 4xAA batteries
Battery case for 4xAA batteries

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Create a 12v power source using two of these cases to hold a total of 8xAA batteries.

  • A standard AA battery puts out around 1.5v of power so when

  • you put 4 of them, the total power output from a single case is 6v. This is not enough to power our inverters so
  • we recommend you use 2 of these cases, side by side and put 4 batteries in each
  • making a total of 8 batteries.

  • Our other battery case is a little easier to set up as it is

  • one single case but it tends to be less appealing for sleek designs as it is a
  • bit bulky.

  • The power supplied by 8 batteries should keep around 10m EL

  • lit up for at least 20 hours.

  • If these battery cases are still too bulky for your project,

  • you might want to consider powering your 12v inverter from a single, small
  • compact battery that you can source from a hobby shop.