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Which EL wire do you choose?

Before you go any further, please be aware that you are buying EL wire by the metre and you will still need an inverter and connector to light it up. If that sounds like too much hassle, take a look at our plug and play kits – go back to home page for that.

If you are happy to continue with a purchase of EL wire, check out the table below.

We have been in the electroluminescent business for 10 years so we have plenty of information…it is just taking a while to up-load. Please email us if you cannot get the answers from the table below.

Table – comparison of Ultrabright 3.2mm EL wire and Ultrabright Plus 2.6mm EL wire.

Ultrabright 3.2mm diameter

Ultrabright Plus 2.6mm diameter



Really bright


Floppy texture

Some shape memory




Power requirements

Approx 2mA per 10cm

Approx 4mA per 10cm

Great for

Most applications

Do not use on flex points on the body or it will ‘kink’.


Can curl around a pencil

Can curl on a tighter radius


Thicker vinyl coating prevents the user from repeatedly bending and straightening so it is potentially more resistant to damage.

Can be bent and straightened a few times but not advised as this action will stress the fine internal radial wires. This EL is better when installed and left in place.

Weather proof

Not good in UV

Not good in UV